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Your partner in small hydro power developments

Are you considering to invest in power generation using a renewable energy source ?
Are you planning to build or refurbish a small hydro power plant ?
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Water streams have influenced civilizations for centuries. First used as a mean to provide direct mechanical work, hydro energy has become a pioneer source to generate power with the appearance of the electrical machines in the second half of the 19th century.
Renewable in its form, hydro power is nowadays getting again increased attention as it can be exploited without CO2 emissions. Small hydro power plants, usually admitted as such within the range of 50 kW to 10'000 kW, generally fit well in their given environment; they can be built almost everywhere water flows.

As the investment in small hydro plants is often high compared with the anticipated return, it is essential that all aspects for the use of hydro energy are carefully analyzed to work out optimal solutions that are compatible with the available budget, the expected plant performances, and the environment. EnEn, as an engineering office and investor is providing comprehensive analysis and straight forward solutions for small hydro projects. We have compared existing realizations, concepts, equipment and suppliers and came to firm conclusions which we would like to share and apply also to your project, hence allowing you to process safely and efficiently towards your goals. Also, we have selected to work in partnership with HYDROHROM and TURBOMA, two state of the art manufacturers of small hydro equipment. Our company represents HYDROHROM and TURBOMA in Switzerland and China.

Your expert in commissioning hydro power plants

Are you looking for an experienced commissioning manager ?

EnEn is delegating experienced commissioning engineer personnel for first on site commissioning jobs as well as recommissioning activities of small and large hydro power plants.

EnEn will be pleased to assisting you starting from the earliest project stage till completion of the works.

Engineering services for small hydro applications
Commissioning of hydro power plants

EnEn is offering its services for the development of small hydro power plants with the capability to deliver those “turn-key”.
EnEn is carrying out the commissioning of hydro power plants of any size.


EnEn is accredited agent of HYDROHROM and TURBOMA in Switzerland and China

HYDROHROM and TURBOMA are suppliers of small hydro equipment, providing engineering solutions and developing generating units of up to 10'000 kW.

EnEn Management

Michel Hausmann - In charge for technical evaluations and project management in Switzerland.
Liang Guo Sheng - Responsible for EnEn in China. In charge for technical project evaluations.